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Unlock Unforgettable Adventures with AI-Generated Itineraries!


Unlock Unforgettable Adventures with AI-Generated Itineraries!

Welcome to Citytrip.AI, the ultimate travel companion that takes your city trips to the next level. With our innovative platform, planning and enjoying your favorite city has never been easier. Simply choose your desired destination, specify your preferences and interests, and let us handle the rest!


Our platform uses artificial intelligence to provide you with personalized recommendations that match your preferences and interests. You can trust us to recommend the best restaurants, attractions, and activities in your destination.


Our app is designed to be fast and reliable, so you can access your trip information and recommendations quickly and easily. We know that time is valuable when you're on a city trip, so we've made sure our app won't slow you down.


We combine all the greatest technologies to provide you the best possible experience.


We offer fast reponse and customer support to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience using our app. Our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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How The App Works?


Login by simply using your Google account. We'll use your Google account to store your trip information and preferences.


Search for your desired destination. Don't worry we have all possible cities covered! Just type in the name of the city you want to visit and we'll take care of the rest.


Customize your trip by specifying your preferences and interests. We'll use this information to generate a personalized itinerary for you. You can select your preferred attractions, activities, and food preferences.


Well... Now it's your turn to enjoy your trip! We'll provide you with a personalized itinerary that you can follow. You can also use our app to find nearby attractions, restaurants, and activities.

Our Story

At Citytrip.AI, we believe that travel should be easy, enjoyable, and personalized. That's why we created our innovative platform to help you plan and enjoy your city trips with ease. We're passionate about making travel accessible to everyone and reinventing the way people travel.

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I love Citytrip.AI! The app is easy to use and the personalized recommendations were spot on. It definitely made my city trip more enjoyable.

Tuur De Schepper

“I used Citytrip.AI for my recent trip to London and it was amazing! The app provided personalized recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and activities that matched my interests. I would definitely use it again.”

Paola Valenzuela

“Citytrip.AI is a game changer! The app helped me discover new places and experiences that I never would have found on my own. Highly recommend!”

Jorne Rossen

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With Citytrip.AI as your trusted guide, you can explore the city with confidence and ease. Follow our lead and discover fascinating neighborhoods, indulge in authentic local cuisine, engage in thrilling activities, or soak up the cultural highlights – all at your own pace.